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Wave Carve

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All of our canvases are custom made! Printed with the latest technology to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Grab that perfect wow gift for the fans in your life as well as a great conversation piece in your home...

This item is a unique and one-of-a-kind present for friends, family, or guests - just imagine their faces when they see this one of a kind 5 piece canvas.

Material: Canvas printed with high-quality Linen/Cotton.

High Quality Prints that comes in two sizes:

  • Medium: 4 pieces of 8"x16"
  • Large: 4 pieces of 12"x24"

Important information:

  • Our canvases take approximately 1-2 weeks in production. Please plan accordingly. 
  • We ship worldwide to all countries. 
  • Picture shown is large 'Ready To Hang' (Framed Canvas)